Friday, 25 November 2011

the same lady - W.M.

I think this might be the same lady who we've seen looking away (here, here and here).
All of the photos are snaps stuck onto card album pages which are loose, the first 2 photos are on the same page, the third photo (yesterday's picture) is on a different page, but believed to be the same holiday which is in France/Germany/Austria - I'm not entirely sure of their itinery.
Although the pages are loose, they have been 'sorted' according to the type of album page, photos and handwriting (as well as same people).
Today's picture is on another of the pages, and this one is of their visit to Stratford on Avon (birthplace of Shakespeare).
So this may be her . . .


  1. If this is her she has no reason to hide her face! I like the tranquility of the river and the trees along the distant bank.

  2. It's hard to know for sure if she is the same lady, the album pages do belong together, but the holiday pictures don't have any captions whereas the other photos do. I wonder if the lady in the 3rd picture looked a little older, by how she was sitting, but I'm not sure. I thought the clothing, the style and the hat were consistent and this lady in the boat seemed very like the lady who was reading.


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