Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Stamps

For this week's theme of art on stamps, I have these lovely Russian stamps from 1971 . . .

I don't recognise the artist(s), so please say if you know.

I also have a GB FDC from the British paintings set of 1973, which commemorated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Joshua Reynolds and the 150th anniversary of the death of Sir Henry Raeburn.  Personally I prefer the art on the Russian stamps to this set.

From 1967 set of British paintings, the 4d value of  "Master Lambton" by  Sir Thomas Lawrence, I'm quite disappointed that I don't have the high value for that set as it is "Children coming out of school" by L S Lowry. (There's a picture of it here).

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  1. A great selection! Like you, I prefer the Russian artist. I suppose a value of 1/6 in 1967 would have been really quite high and not used too often. I do like Lowry.

  2. I'm off to search for what I can find on the Russian stamps - a fine collection.I like them all.

  3. I don't know a lot about Russian art either and tend to learn a little each time a Postcrosser sends me something. Nice contrast of the different eras of painting between the GB and Russian ones.

  4. I like the way the Russian stamps showcase the art. I found a couple of pages of paintings on Soviet stamps, but I didn't notice any of yours.

  5. Master Lambton is almost obscured by the cancel! Thanks for sharing.

  6. the artists of the Russian paintings are as follows:

    - Vladimir Makovsky, Nikolai Yaroshenko, Nikolay Kasatkin, Alexey Savrasov, Ivan Shishkin and Grigoriy Myasoedov. Hope it might be helpful for some future research :)

    seeing them, reminds me I have some Soviet art stamps...just need to look for them...they are just lovely!!

  7. The Russian art stamps are much clearer than the British ones. Not sure if it is because they are brighter or that they are maybe bigger?

  8. Ana, thanks so much for the names of the artists, I shall look them up :)
    Postcardy, thanks for the wiki links :)

  9. Beautiful stamps - I also like the Russian version!


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