Tuesday, 17 January 2012

"Eat up . . .

. .. and you'll grow into a big, strong lad!"
Even so it does seem a lot of toast for one little boy!  I would think he's staying at his grandparent's and the fried breakfast is yet to arrive.   The best of days.
Found snapshot, mid 1960s.


  1. So will he get the morning fry, complete with fried tomato, lardy toast and beans? One thing I have to say about the English Fry is that it stays with you longer than a bowl of Wheaties!

  2. Is lardy toast fried bread?
    Don't forget the fried egg and the mushrooms!
    And then cover it with loads of ketchup or brown sauce (depending on your preference), though they don't have the sauce bottles on the table.


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