Monday, 16 January 2012

whatever the year, potatoes will always need peeling . . .

 the exact year in this case is one of the unanswerables, but I think it might well be late 1920s, possibly early 1930s.  I don't know who the girls are either, but I have an idea as to why they are sitting in the middle of a field peeling potatoes, and that is that this is one of the camping trip/boating holiday photos of which there are quite a number in this particular lot.
But what might be more of mystery is the message written on the reverse of the sister photo to the one shown (same shot but the girls are looking at the camera).
One possible explanation is that the note was written some years later in war time, the curtains were black out curtains and the photo in question was already considered suitable for writing reminders on.  Acocks Green is in the Birmingham area (in case you're wondering).


  1. Both the front and the back are interesting. I think you're right about the message on the back. The combination of front and back brings to mind the book entitled The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Do you know it?

  2. Peeling potatoes is good fun. I recall shelling peas with my grandmother and was thrilled; my peas had always come from a can or a freezer bag.

  3. Christine, no I hadn't heard of that book (have just had a look on amazon), quite the title!!! Interesting that the image and the later wartime msg got linked in this way.

    Steven, I went pea picking on a local farm with my gran when I was 8, that was the first ££ that I earned.


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