Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Breezy Blackpool

For today some Blackpool views.  The above postcard was sent on 14 August 1951 to Lil, Bill, Gladys & Sid, who lived in Leyton, London, from Peg & Jack.  Peg & Jack were having a good time but the weather could have been better.  They were hoping it would improve.
The next postcard sent on 15 August 1949 has more of a 'story' . . .
Hello Alberst,
This is a pretty place we went in the tower yesterday. Wenday we went to Burnley to see where Fred was born.   We arrived August 7th this is the 13th so we have 2 more week’s here yet,
Mrs Greenwood

and was sent to Albert Randle Jr__
                        211 Kenyon Ave,

Mrs Greenwood was May and Fred was her husband.  I found them leaving the UK on 1st October 1949, sailing from Liverpool to Boston aboard the Nova Scotia.  So obviously they had a few more weeks in the UK after Blackpool, and they gave their last UK address as 17, Marlborough Rd, Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire.
The 1935 Rhode Island State Census shows the Greenwoods living at 78 Greene St, Pawtucket.  Frederick and May were both born in England, Frederick's date of birth is given as 24 December 1890, and May's 1 May 1890.  Married some time between 1910 and 1915, they appear to have emigrated separately, May in 1903 and Fred in 1906 (according to the US census).  It looks like the Greenwoods may have retired to Florida, as May died aged 81 in Florida on 28 August 1971 and Fred aged 89 on 7 March 1978.

As for Albert Randle he was also born in England, in 1896, and in 1901 he lived in Curzon Street, Wolverhampton with his parents, Albert J and Caroline Randle.  They emigrated later that year, sailing on 15 August 1901 on the SS Commonwealth from Liverpool to Boston.  On the 1935 Rhode Island census the Randle family are already living at 211 Kenyon Avenue, Pawtucket, the address on the postcard.  Albert (the son) obviously had some longevity in his genes as he lived to be 92.  

I have been wondering if Albert ever received the postcard as it has somehow made its way back to England (where I found it in amongst an album of odd cards and photos), so maybe it never left in the first place.  But if he did receive it, and I would like to think he did, then did he look at the date stamp of 15 August 1949 and think that was 48 years since he set sail from Liverpool for his new life.

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  1. I'm glad they had two more weeks in the UK, and not two more weeks in Blackpool. I would think anyone would go over the edge for spending that much time there!

    Sounds like May and Fred became somewhat typical New England residents in that they retired to Florida.


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