Monday, 20 February 2012

Ghent, Belgium

 Gand, Maison des Tisserands.
The Weavers House.

Postcard from the early 1900s, with an undivided back.  This was in an album with a mix of photos and postcards (a bit of a mixed lot where they don't really belong together).  Anyway I've spent a couple of hours today researching some of the stories in the photos and postcards and hope to post something of that soon.  This is one of the postcards which doesn't have an extra story attached in terms of who sent it, when they sent it and to whom, but it's a nice card even so.  The pencil notes on the back appear to have been made by a dealer at some time.


  1. Is there a public house in this building? I'm thinking they might, just possibly, have a beer worth trying! ;-)

  2. If there isn't, there should be!


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