Wednesday, 15 February 2012

the girl guide

found snapshot, a girl guide who may have just had a birthday.
Notice the milk bottles on the doorstep, 2 pints of sterilized and 1 silver top.


  1. So...what's a silver top? I'm guessing sterilized is what we call homogenized but is silver top cream?

  2. I had to look on wiki to get all the colours (this refers to glass milk bottles that were delivered rather than store bought plastic bottles we have now)
    Glass bottles
    Gold foil - milk from Channel Island (Jersey/Guernsey) breeds (about 5.2% fat)[1]
    Silver foil - whole milk (about 4% fat - minimum 3.5%)
    Red foil - Homogenised whole milk
    Red and silver striped foil - semi-skimmed milk (less than 2% fat)
    Blue and silver checkered foil - skimmed milk (0.1 to 0.3% fat)
    Green foil - raw (unpasteurized) milk, giving rise to the name "green-top milk"
    Gold striped foil on a green background - unpasteurized milk from Channel Island breeds[2]
    Note: Blue Peter often had annual charity campaigns where children would collect aluminium bottle-tops to raise money.

    We always collected the tops, school used to collect them if Blue Peter weren't.


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