Sunday, 26 February 2012

Happiness . . .

. . . is an armchair (or two) in the garden.
At first I thought it was a settee in the garden, but it is actually two armchairs pushed together. How they were going to get it through that back door, I don't know.  But they do look happy.


  1. That's not the little chicken holder with the doll, is it? This one here seems a bit more prim than the girl with the fowl.

  2. No. Most of the photos in these little albums 'go together', but I wonder if a few gaps were filled (by the seller) with other odd photos which also 'go together', as I have a few of these albums and some of the people seem to stray into other albums.
    I put a link on the chicken holding girl to another photo of her which I posted last year.
    Having said that the people in this photo do look familiar.


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