Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kroonland New York

Continuing in a nautical vein, the above photo leaves more questions than answers.  It's taken on board the SS Kroonland (wiki link here),(launch date 1902, scrapped in 1927) and would appear to show some of the men who worked on the ocean liner.  I wondered if the young men wearing bow ties were waiters or possibly entertainers.  I can't quite make out what is written on the board the older man is holding, but the centre line is Yakima Apples and a picture of a bell.
The postcard wasn't sent through the mail and nor were any names or dates written on the reverse.  The AZO stamp mark dates it somewhere between 1917 - 1930, and given that the ship was called on to serve in WW1 from April 1918 - October 1919, then we are probably into the 1920s with this photo, as the dress of the 3 passengers looking down from a higher deck would also suggest.

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  1. Yakima apples! I'm familiar with that town's claim to fame. The guy in the center of the life ring looks a bit like Gilligan. You will probably have to Google that one, Lisa! Cool photo.


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