Tuesday, 7 February 2012

the Named ~ Ruth Hunsby ~ neé Stallberg*

Thanks to Steven at Facing West Back in Time for this lovely photo of Ruth Hunsby.
As far as I can tell, Hunsby was Ruth's married name and some time in the 1920s she married George Hunsby, they are married by the time of the 1930 census and living in Bellingham.  Ruth was born 11 March 1902 (according to the IGI) in Washington (state), both her parents born in Sweden.  Now this is where I haven't been able to find her prior to 1930 as there were quite a number of girls called Ruth born around that date to parents born in Sweden.  So as I haven't found a marriage record, then I can't find her maiden name.*  The US Social Security Death Index (on IGI) gives her death date as January 1979.  I think she looks  Scandinavian.  
I would think that the above photo dates from around 1920 and is probably before Ruth was married, the photo was given to her friend, and her name (married name) added only years later.
Incidentally her husband's parents were born in Norway. I don't have a photo of him and Ruth, but did find a Social Security Death Index for him, which gave his birth date as 6 June 1898 and death date 6 June 1996, so he died on his 98th birthday.  I'm not sure if he is the same George Hunsby who wrote this book.

*Edit: thanks to Lisa (aka Ms Facing West) Ruth's maiden name was Stallberg.

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  1. Wow, that's great detective work, Lisa! George Hunsby was a pretty well known person who in the 1970's and 80's, and wrote an article for the local paper doing "remember when" topics, much like we do here. Anybody who follows local history in my town knows of him well. If I find anything written about him I will pass it on.

    Ruth was a pretty woman. Sure wish I remembered where that photo packet came from!


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