Sunday, 19 February 2012

These sound delicious . . . in a 1920s way . . .

Early 1920s magazine advert.
(PS they're not real cats' tongues . . . )


  1. I like how they advertise the wrappings as much as they do the candy! Someone gave me a bag of salted licorice which I found a bit odd to the tongue. Are you familiar with this type of candy?

  2. Hi Lisa, have not been around for a while, but wouldn't mind one of those chocolates.

  3. Steven, no I haven't tried salted licorice, I'm not even sure I've heard of it or seen it. Do we get it here? :)
    I liked drinking a licorice flavoured herbal tea when I was in France, I think that had some mint with it too and was a very nice combination.

  4. Hi Titania, good to see you again, they sound nice don't they and just think they must have had 'proper' ingredients.


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