Friday, 17 February 2012

"To Aunt & Uncle . . .

 from Chester Vernon and Marjorie Leona."

Today's photo is thanks to Steven at Facing West Back in Time.
Chester Vernon and Marjorie Leona were two of the children of Ezra Timothy Newsted and his wife Mabel (neé Nixon).  Chester Vernon was born in May 1917 (died in 2002) and his sister was born in 1921/22 (she is aged 8 on the 1930 census and listed as Marjorie L).  Ezra Newsted came from Michigan, he married Mabel Nixon on February 2nd 1906 at Klondike, Oceania, Michigan.  I found them on the 1920 census living in Lewis, Washington state and in 1930 they are at Claquaton, Lewis.  When exactly they moved states, I'm not sure.
The baby is only a few months old in the photo, so it's 1921/22, making Chester 4 or 5 years only.  The Artura mark on the reverse is given as 1911-1921 (link here), (the photographer can always be using 'old' cards).
What I haven't quite worked out yet, is who Aunt and Uncle are, but then these orphaned photos always leave you with more unanswered questions.


  1. Beautiful and thought-provoking picture

  2. Hmm, I'm wondering if this Mabel is the same person who many of my old postcards were sent to or from. Perhaps these all came out of the same batch of throw outs that I rescued. Chester sure looks serious, but it was probably an easy pose to hold.

  3. Oh, it could be. Who was Mabel writing to on those postcards?
    This photo is a 'lone' one within that collection, and at the moment I think they must be using the 'aunt and uncle' quite loosely, as I haven't yet found the family of most of the photos to be either Newsted's or Nixon's (by blood or marriage).

  4. Chester reminds me so much of the little boy in the Christmas Story movie.

  5. My records say that Mabel was pregnant with her first born, Bernard Wayne Newsted, when she and Ezra made the move from Michigan to Washington with a group of Newsteds. Bernard was born 18 Sep 1906. Ezra and Mabel were married 2 Feb that year. Makes sense they probably waited till spring to make the trip.

    Also, if interested I have tracked Ezra and Mabel pretty carefully over the years. Mabel is often misrepresented in age or mistaken in person due to errors in the 1900 census. The correct Mabel Nixon was born 18 Dec 1890 to William J Nixon and Lillie May Quaker in Newago, MI.

    1. thanks for the info.
      Are you related to the children on the postcard?

    2. Yes. Chester and Marjorie are third cousins, once removed to me. Ezra and Mabel's youngest child, Merle, is still living. My records show Chester and Marjorie, and 3 other siblings, are all deceased.

      I believe Chester was born 20 May 1917, and Marjorie 19 Jan 1921.

      Are you related to these folks?

    3. No, I just collect photos and very occasionally they have names on :).
      If you don't have this picture, then send me an email (via 'contact me') and I can send you a scan.


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