Thursday, 29 March 2012

believed to be . . .

this photo 'belongs' with yesterday's (as far as I can tell) and therefore is believed to be Auntie Clara, c1910.  Auntie Clara was my great grandmother's older sister, she went out to the US, got married, and then came back and took May, two of her brothers and Eddie back with her. So around this time, they all lived with Auntie Clara and her husband.   Auntie Clara made several trips back to the UK over the years and we have several photos of her, but those are mainly from the 1930s.  So this is thought to be her when she was younger.
This could be the house which 'goes with' the outbuildings which were in yesterday's picture.  I think the one might have been a chicken shed where you could see the nest boxes in a row.


  1. I'm still wondering what became of Eddie. Auntie Clara probably knew.

  2. Yes, she most certainly would have known. He is mentioned in her obituary which appeared in the newspaper. But don't worry I haven't given up on Eddie and I'm hoping to find him in 1940 (the census that is, which is becoming available on Ancestry in April). In going through the snapshots of Auntie Clara, we did actually re-look and think we may have found a later photo of Eddie, I'll post it once I've had chance to do a bit more digging :).

  3. That's good to know that Eddie isn't forgotten. It becomes somewhat of a quest to know, doesn't it? :-)


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