Friday, 30 March 2012

from all the Arkubs . . .

. . . many happy returns.  The Arkubs club dates from the 1930s and has its origins in a newspaper cartoon strip called 'Japhet and Happy'.   I found this wiki page about the origins and characters in the cartoon, and looking more closely at the illustration Japhet does look a little inflexible in his joints.  The bear is called Happy, Archie is the donkey and Adelaide the ostrich.

This birthday card was in amongst the ephemera (and old stuff) from my great grandmother's house, but sadly there was no badge nor a book to help in deciphering the secret code.


  1. What a fabulous find. I bet somebody can decipher this secret code.

  2. Is there a universal decoding device or is this gibberish tailored to the individual? Happy and Archie are the only names that are easily recognized by me!


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