Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'The hills are alive . . .

. . . with the sound of . . . '.
I find this snapshot to be somewhat surreal,  her pose on the hillside reminds me of a scene (though don't ask which one) from 'The Sound of Music', and yet I don't remember if anyone was actually barefoot in that.  Added to that she seems to have caught the attention of a bull, we can only surmise what happened next . . .


  1. I must say I wouldn't be dancing around in bare feet in a field full of cattle.

  2. We will always wonder if she was wearing a red dress and if this was the last photo ever taken of her.

    Which scene in the SoM am I not to ask you about? ;-) BTW, I do like that new header image. It's really cool.


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