Saturday, 31 March 2012

a letter . . .

from the local Council in June 1939, received by my great grandparents.  Obviously all these plans were made quite a few months in advance of the actual start of war (September 1939).  I don't think my great grandparents actually ended up taking in any evacuees during the War, there were only a very few in the village as far as I know, and I assume that any evacuees would have been children from Birmingham.  The letter is in its original envelope with GOVERNMENT EVACUATION SCHEME printed on the front, although missing from the envelope is the window card and the letter from the Ministry.  Presumably the card was put in the window.

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  1. A historical and sobering reminder of how the past isn't always idealistic. I am always amazed by how well the whole of England stood together during these times. Perhaps if a world war had been fought on our soil (not that I wish for that) America might have been a more cohesive group than it is now. Shared sacrifice is a term that is looked down upon. :-(


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