Sunday, 11 March 2012

a man and his books

A scanned negative.
Although there is a calendar on the wall, it's not clear enough to read the date.  However I'm pretty sure it's the late 1920s.  The negative does have a couple of long scratches (maybe wound too tightly or grit on the rollers inside the camera) such that when I was holding it to the light, it looked like it may have been a wire and I thought at first he might be on the phone, but it's his smoking pose instead.  I think he may have set up the camera with a timer.


  1. Yes, at first glance I thought he was on the phone too!

  2. Sure does look like a telephone wire as well as a pose that resembles being on the line. I can understand how this would appear looking at a negative. Nice to see the Boots' Reasons for Failure. We have often sought out a Boots, which isn't too hard as they are everywhere!


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