Sunday, 25 March 2012

on a day like today . . .

sunny and fine enough for a picnic.
This photo is stuck on an album page, and on those pages very few people have been named, whilst others just have initials, it's an on-going project to find out some more about them.  The date is about 1920 (maybe a year or two before).


  1. Best of luck with your photo sleuthing.

  2. A fine assortment of hats and I do hope they didn't get grass stains on their dresses.

    Lisa, what is that round structure on the left? Is it some sort of a water holding tank? I have seen some of those from the train, usually just the frame work and I'm wondering what the purpose is.

  3. Lovely picture. An alternative caption could be 'We'll photoshop out the gasworks later'.

  4. Steven, it could be gasworks as Howard says, or possibly waterworks, I don't know when farms started having those kind of structures.


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