Tuesday, 20 March 2012

riddle-me-ree ~ the answer

As promised, the answer to yesterday's riddle from the 1930s is Angus.
Perhaps the last line was a better clue than the picture, 'My whole is a fatty we all adore.'  They must have had a much loved fat cat called Angus!  :) :)


  1. All Angus cats are fat! Believe me, I put that idea in my head when I saw the last question, but thought somehow it must be Santa or something like that. So the "I am in Jam but not in Honey" gives you the A? It also gives you a J + M, so Bobby threw me!

    I still think the drawing looks like Sooty, who I have never seen.

  2. So I guess this kind of puzzle wasn't part and parcel of your growing up years ;), these puzzles always used to be those activity books with colouring and dot to dot and mazes etc. I remember writing similar riddles when I was a child, but I haven't kept any of them.

  3. Not really part of our brain teasers. We did have dot to dot!


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