Thursday, 15 March 2012

where they lived . . .

The man who took yesterday's photo lived here, now whether this house is where yesterday's shot was taken, I'm not entirely sure.  The room is at the rear of the house and looks out over the garden, but the windows are different.  That would mean that they have different windows in the rear of the house for it to fit.  (The house next door actually has the matching windows).  
The next photo shows the car which is in the garage here and those girls are the ones in the photo on the occasional table in front of the window.

Someone liked this shot a lot and had it pinned up.


  1. Oh, why can't I live in that house? it seems so perfect for me, and I love the unobtrusive garage.

  2. Looks like a fine house, with nice details. It also looks like they had more than one fireplace judging by the chimney count. I think I would have pinned up the house shot over the car!


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