Friday, 16 March 2012

where they (might have) lived . . .

This house (which is in fact two houses) is another contender for the location of the daffodils photo.  Here the windows are a match and also a standard lamp can be seen on the inside, but I thought the outside didn't match in that the hedge would be further away. 
There is a good chance that yesterday's house is still there, but I would doubt that this one is. Where you find an old house with a large garden in an urban area, the tendency has been to demolish the house (if possible) and then build as many new houses (all at funny angles to one another) on the plot of land.

I think the lady and the boys are relatives (of the family with two girls).  (I'm beginning to think maybe the 'grandparents' lived here and the photo was taken at their house).


  1. The house(s) really rise to the sky. Seems to me to be a large building (3 floors) to split up into two separate homes. That's a sweet second shot, with the ties, short pants and little dog.

  2. This is nice too, but I still have my heart set on the other place.


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