Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Aunty Clara

As this week saw the release of the US 1940 census, I thought it would be interesting to find Aunty Clara (seen above) on there.  I then discovered that as the census has only just become available, it hasn't yet been transcribed, so it's only the scanned pages that can be viewed (it's on ancestry and family search), and not all the states have been uploaded yet.  Basically you have to trawl through a lot of pages to look for anyone.

Anyhow as I had an address in Newark,  Delaware for Aunty Clara in the early 1940s, I thought well it won't be that difficult to find her.  I started looking last night and must have spent at least an hour trawling through pages, not knowing which district to start with as I didn't know the enumeration district for the street name I had.  As it was late, I thought I'd have another go today and found that you can view maps of the area and enumeration districts on ancestry, so I then spent quite a time trying to locate the street and ended up having to look on google for a present day image to eventually find it.  

Even with the street located, it still wasn't 100% clear which district it was in, but I made a guess and then decided that I would trawl through the pages (over 40 for that district) from back to front.  Success, I thought, as only a few pages in and I found the street name.  Found their house number only to discover that only the lodgers were listed, Aunty Clara and her husband must have been away at the time of the census :( .  I do wonder if they may have been visiting Eddie as I have no idea where to even start looking for him.

So it looks at though I shall have to wait until a transcribed version appears, unless I get lucky and come across them while I am looking for someone else.

The above photo is Aunty Clara, probably in the 1930s and she may be at the address in Newark, Delaware.


  1. Interesting to hear about your efforts with the 1940 census. I am also waiting until it's transcribed.

  2. Must have been a bit disappointing to have gotten so close only to find no one home. And Eddie is elusive, as usual!


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