Wednesday, 18 April 2012

'Get me to the church on time . . .'

A wedding at the Newton Heath Parish Church of All Saints, exact year unknown, presumed 1917-1919, around that time.  In the first image, the bride is arriving with a lady who we presume is her mother (though when we see the group photos tomorrow, we will see she is sitting next to the groom, so that makes you think she is his mother instead).  

The next photo is of the wedding party leaving the church, the lady carrying the baby is not the bride, but she seems to be standing in front of the groom as I'm pretty sure that is him in the hat.

I wish I knew who they were and when exactly they were married.  The photos, of which I will post more tomorrow, have at some time been stuck in an album, but were loose in a mixed lot when I acquired them.
Newton Heath Church as it is today can be seen here, but it looks like the buildings across the street, the corner one looks like it may well have been a pub, are long gone, along with the church gates and the arch.


  1. What a wonderful mix of hats and dresses. I wish they had left them in the album...then you might know who they are.

  2. These are sure cool photos with lots of smiles. Sure seems like dressing "back in the day" was much more of an event. Hard to imagine how long it took for some of these ladies to get into their garb.


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