Monday, 2 April 2012


 is a return to romance, sent from Italy to England in 1943.

The first part of the message appears to be a translation of the Italian on the front of the postcard.  The lower part of the card, I can barely make out the handwriting, so I hope Bill C who kindly offered to translate the Esperanto sees this. 


  1. It looks like a mirror is being reflected onto Valentino's face. It is actually a rather clever way to illuminate and highlight!

  2. Ooh, I'll check back for that translation.

  3. The Esperanto text reads as follows:

    He: You are in my hands. You will not escape from me again.
    She:But go, my dear naughty man.

    The text at an angle reads:
    These postcards bear unsuitable sentiments, but you well know my feelings for you and I don't have to express them.You can add your own words to the picture. I only want us to be the paior in the garden.

    Interestingly, the wreiter uses the affectionate "ci" form rather than the usual "vi".

    Can you name the recipient of these expressions of love?


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