Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"Indeed, . . .

"Indeed, it is glad I am to see you."

Sent in June of 1921 from Llandudno to a Miss Rhodes who worked in the War Loans Dept of the London and County Bank in Lombard St, London.


  1. The roof, the windows. I need a loan to buy that house, but I suppose the War Loans Dept. isn't set up for that sort of loan.

  2. I'm glad you had some more of the stovepipe hat wearing Welsh ladies in your collection! Is this new or have you been holding on to this? Quite the nice coloring. That color of green on the house is Lisa's favorite color!

  3. Christine, I wondered about the war loan dept too, whether it was for individuals or on a more national scale, and didn't find an (obvious) answer.
    Steven, yes this is a new addition, but I may still have one or two other Welsh ladies who haven't made an appearance yet. The wording on this one meant I couldn't not get it.


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