Monday, 11 June 2012

"Dear E, . . . "

Dear  E,
             I am now feeling better.  Isn't the weather treacherous.  Hope to see you as usual tomorrow.  Trust all are well,
Love, Fred.

Sent in December 1910, this Rhotophot Postcard has a melancholy air, the young lady certainly looks quite preoccupied.  But at least Fred was feeling better.  He was writing to Ellen, who was aged 21 and worked as a draper's assistant.  Ellen Moxley went on to marry a Frederick Pearson in 1912, so I like to think that the Fred who wrote this card (and had such lovely handwriting) and Ellen's future husband are one and the same.


  1. So was Fred calculating the length of time it would take the card to reach Ellen? To be certain that he would see her the day after she received the card indicates so, unless it was just wishful thinking!

  2. What we have to remember is that at that time there would have been several postal deliveries per day, so Fred wrote that on the 16th, posted it late that night, it is cancelled in the early hours of the 17th, so I would have thought that Ellen would get the card first post on the 17th. Presumably if they planned to meet in the afternoon or evening then that would be fine :)
    The inland post was faster back then than now :)

  3. Several postal deliveries a day? To the same house? They did this back then? I remember as a kid having garbage pickups that were done twice a week (no recycling back then) but it is hard to imagine a postman ringing more than once.

  4. According to this link on postmen in the early 1900s, in London there would have been 4 deliveries a day, the last one being at 9.30pm.

    It is only in recent years, say the last decade, that a second delivery (in the afternoon) to households (in urban areas) has finished, and I think that businesses are supposed to get an earlier postal delivery rather than 2 deliveries, but I'm not sure if that is still the case.

    Now I think I should watch 'the Postman always rings twice', as I don't think I've watched it before. I'll probably be more inclined to watch the original with Lana Turner than the one with Jack Nicholson.


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