Thursday, 7 June 2012

the drummer

This photo is a 'Midget Post Card' with midget referring to the size of the postcard, not the person.  The height is the width of a regular postcard, and you would probably fit 5 of these into one postcard.  I think these postcards date from late Victorian to Edwardian times, and maybe up to WW1 (late 1890s - c1910/1914), this one probably being late Edwardian.  
Sadly I cannot identify the boy.


  1. I guess they would be called "Little People" postcards in the politically correct world. If they were that small did the post office accept these for mailing or were they bought to hand out?

  2. I know terribly un-pc. The ones I have, don't have backs designed for mailing, so I think it was probably a cheaper alternative to having full size photo postcards and would fit nicely in a wallet/purse. So I haven't seen any that have been mailed.


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