Saturday, 9 June 2012


Views of Istanbul, Turkey.  The next two postcards in the album are possibly additions to the original collection (either filling a space or exchanged for other pcs).

Edit : thanks to Steven's prompt, here's a link to the song on youtube.


  1. That is a famous bridge, one of the places you must see when visiting Istanbul. My hotel was on the other side so I had to cross it twice a day to visit the city center.

  2. Also known as Constantinople. There was a song that made reference to that and for the like of me I can't recall who did it! We here have always wanted to make Turkey our country of choice to our introduction to eastern Europe. Looks like a good place to explore.

  3. I haven't been to Turkey, but would love to visit Istanbul.
    Rob, my favourite crime writer is Barbara Nadel and her Inspector Ikmen novels (for the most part) are set in Istanbul, and describe the different neighbourhoods of the city and some history.

    Steven, here's the link for the song, I didn't know it, but my mom did ;)

  4. apparently they used to wear fezes, sadly the clip on youtube doesn't show the group.

  5. The Four Lads! Yep, that's it! Mom goes to the head of the class on this. :-)


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