Friday, 15 June 2012


These announcements of Silver Weddings were published in The Times (newspaper) and are on the same card on the album page as the announcement of the wedding of John Reginald Turner and Amy Evelyn Burke.
So these weddings were 125 years ago today, on the 15th June 1887.  I don't know if there is a name for the 125th anniversary?

The first one is Pauline Millicent Bickley (Babsie) to William Cubitt.
The next one is Margaret (Peggy) Fowler to Henry John Hall.

And some more photos from the other side of the album page.
This looks like a young Evelyn and makes me think she may have been the compiler of the album.  Could the photo of the young man below be a photo of John Turner (who she married)?

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  1. I like the two portraits but I hope they waited a couple of years to marry if it is indeed the couple mentioned. My friend had his stepson marry this weekend as June weddings are somewhat traditional. I don't know why that is such in this area of the world, as the weather seems to be totally unpredictable.


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