Sunday, 24 June 2012

Talking of Skegness

These two girls (names unknown) are in Skegness, at the Butlins Skegness Holiday Camp.  The Holiday Camp in Skegness opened in 1936, here's a link to the Bygone Butlins website.  There's a lot to look at on the Bygone Butlin's website, the then and now photos/postcards are well worth a look, sadly the monorail has gone and it does look like there are a lot more roads and car parks than used to be the case.  If you go to the end of the slideshow and count back 9 images, then you'll see postcards of the pool where these girls are sitting, though I would think this photo predates the postcards.  Actually it's made me quite sad seeing how good it used to be, it must have been wonderful to ride round on the monorail and see everything that was going on.  As for the badges, I have the 1959 Skegness badge, (although I've never been to Butlins).


  1. I'll have you know we have been doing a little reading on Skegness and are somewhat curious about the town! What exactly were "Holiday Camps" about? Simple relaxation or organized activity? I go back to Tommy (the rock opera) and think they all must be learning pinball!

  2. I think Butlins is the most famous of the UK holiday camps, (Pontins was another) family holidays, usually for one week (although you could have a 2 week stay, you got a different Butlins badge for the second week), you'd stay in a chalet and there would be organised activities morning, afternoon and evening. I think there used to be announcements informing holidaymakers what activities were on and where. And I think a lot of the activities lead to a contest at the end of the week. There used to also be competitions like nobbly knees. The entertainers at Butlins were known as 'Red Coats'.
    Here's a couple of youtube clips from the tv movie 'Holiday on the Buses' (1973) (a movie spin off from a tv comedy series), in looking for these, I see the whole movie is on youtube. It's still on tv here quite regularly.
    and I always find the dancing lesson quite funny (that might depend on knowing the actors from other things)

    As for Skegness, I can't really say as I haven't been there. I always think a visit to Scarborough would be nice as that was a very popular destination for the Victorians and Edwardians.

  3. Interesting. "Holiday" and "Camp" just don't seem to be joined together here like in the UK. As a kid if you were told you were going to camp it often had the connotation of being something bad. Like poison ivy and swimming in algae!


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