Thursday, 12 July 2012

also Donkeys

Whilst going through another bag of old papers and sorting into keep/ask my brother/recycle/shred, I came across this folder.  You can imagine my disappointment when I found they'd all gone, even the donkeys!  
As for the folder, you'll be pleased to hear it's in the 'keep' pile.


  1. Oh no! but you can fill it up again... maybe add some zebras

  2. These are treasures to keep. Simple script but a gauge of the times. Was this your brother's or yours? Does the person who made it still have an interest in horses, ponies and also donkeys?

  3. Howard, oh no, I can't possibly start another collection ;)
    Steven, it was mine :).
    I think sometimes that when you find stuff like this, you realise that people don't really change, although the main subject may no longer be 'horses and ponies also donkeys', my folders now are on the desktop of the pc. Collecting and sorting and arranging still goes on.


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