Friday, 20 July 2012

'Gertie's little nieces'

"Dear Harry,
                  Glad to hear you arrived at Bath quite safe hoping you like the work and your place.  Miss Gertie is sending you the pc of the dear old house, her two little nieces at door.  Gertie"

Mrs Myra Field ran a boarding house in Bath, and Harry Williams was a boarder there, his work was as an 'Engineer's Fitter' (probably connected with the railways, in fact the railway line couldn't have been much closer to his lodgings, link to google maps).


  1. Gertie's nieces don't look all that thrilled to have their picture taken. Perhaps it was cold out, judging from the rather heavy attire?

  2. Nice google map link! It's amazing one can visited far away places in the blink of an eye.

  3. Steven, or just like this summer ;)

    Rob, I wish I could have found who Gertie Harris, the writer, was and her address to see if it was the house in the photo. These old photos always leave more unanswered questions.


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