Wednesday, 4 July 2012

ice cream

A day out, possibly a little chilly judging by the coats, but warm enough for an ice cream. Notice the ladies' sensible shoes, so there was probably a fair bit of walking.
A scanned negative, and I would think the year is about 1940/1941 as that looks like a service man in the background on the right.  The clothing looks for the most part like wartime 'utility'clothing adhering to the rules and regulations designed to save on fabric (shorter hemlines for ladies, fewer buttons on jackets and so on).
Here and here are some links on clothing and rationing in World War II.  I have a ration book containing some clothing coupons, I'll have to see what I could have 'bought' with them.


  1. So smart! Imagine what they'd be wearing today...

  2. I do notice the sensible shoes! I find it hard to believe one could take a stroll and eat ice cream not knowing if one's country was going to be bombed that day. I don't know how I could handle that prospect if it were to occur. I guess it is keeping the stiff upper lip.


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