Saturday, 21 July 2012

JY 21 08

West Parade, Worthing.

"181 Crownfield Rd
          Very pleased to hear from you, hope the change will do you and Geoffy much good, & hope to send a long letter after the Dulwich wedding on the 25th.  Fairly well.  M sends love.  Mrs Slade is at Llandudno.  You are in a lovely spot.  Wish properly while there. Yours fondly E.A.P"

Mrs Masters has proved ellusive so I wonder if she were just a visitor at the Bayard Dairy in Upway (Upwey), Dorset.  The sender kindly wrote her own address, which helps identify her as Eliza Alice Parsons (aged about 48 at the time of the postcard).  She lived in West Ham, London.


  1. The letter writers sure wrote with more prose and eloquence "back then," didn't they? Is there an East Ham in London?

  2. Yes, there is an East Ham, I haven't been, but it does look to have a nice looking tube station with Victorian detail


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