Friday, 13 July 2012

An old bag

this one being from WH Smith & Son and dating from the mid 1960s.  I rather like the design, also it wasn't empty, but contained several sheets of blue carbon paper (mostly unused), a sheet which had been used several times (no wonder at the price it was) and a copy of a letter typed using the aforementioned carbon paper.

As for the typewriter, it was the Olivetti Lettera, a portable typewriter, with the nice turquoise cover.  


  1. Oh the accursed carbon paper. It was always so messy to use it. Yes you are right they were quite expensive and such a pain in the neck to use many of them together! Thanks for your visit, Lisa, appreciate it. T♥

  2. Is WH Smith a chain store? I thought that might be the store we went to in Edinburgh back in 2009 to do a gift registry for a wedding we were going to attend. Bought a tent and two sleeping bags as nothing says "Happy Marriage" like camping!

  3. Steven, yes, they sell newspapers, magazines, stationery, etc, but probably unlikely to have had a gift registry. You've probably seen WH Smith kiosks on stations, and they are in most high streets.


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