Friday, 6 July 2012

the passengers


  1. Oh look, George Lucas...a different one, but still. It seems to me that there are a great number of single young women on this boat, though there's no way to know their age.

  2. I picked a couple of (easy-to-find) names from Delaware and thought I'd have a look for them on the 1940 census and just see what age they were and occupation. But I couldn't easily find them, (I've already spent hours looking for my 'own' people on the 1940 (people I thought would be in Delaware or PA) and am still looking, so any strangers would have to really easy to find).
    I agree as the list is you can't tell if they might be looking for husbands or whether they are older single ladies.

  3. Interesting that most were New Englanders and very little Canadians. Hopefully Professor Ferguson represented the host country well.


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