Saturday, 25 August 2012

25 August . . .

. . . 1912.  100 years ago today.  Unfortunately I can't tell you who these gentlemen are, nor where they are exactly, other than being in the garden of the man in the middle.  I have a number of album pages relating to his family, but haven't as yet unearthed the clue to finding who they are.
Looking at this snapshot, were it not for the date, I probably wouldn't have thought it was August based on their attire (although I know suits were the norm) and demeanour.

The 25th August was a Sunday in 1912, and according to The Times (newspaper) they were enjoying a break in the rain,

"Over a large portion of England and Wales the rain which began on Thursday night lasted until after midday on Saturday..... . A gradual improvement in the weather consequently took place, and in the earlier half of yesterday a clear sky was reported in many parts of Great Britain."

The forecast for Monday remained, 'mostly overcast and rainy' and 'temperature below the normal'.
Looking on the bright side, at least it wasn't a Bank Holiday weekend back in 1912.  


  1. The weather forecasts in the UK have always been rather poetic. We like to look at them and comment on the "bright clouds" or "grey clouds" forecast. Here it is just cloudy or overcast, with no adjectives.

  2. Seeing they are all dressed differently maybe it was some kind of meeting, perhaps the leaders of three unions. Even their hats are contrasting. The one on the right looks like the funny one, but I may have watched too many Stan Laurel movies.


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