Wednesday, 1 August 2012


As you may notice, today is not only a new banner day, but also a new blog name day.  "An Assortment of Old Stuff" is now "There's Gladness in Remembrance" which I 'found' printed on the reverse of an Edwardian RPPC and thought it very apt.  Everything else is continuing pretty much the same, including the url.

The new banner photo is of a sandcastle competition in Exmouth in 1925, which was possibly something to do with the Daily Mail newspaper.  The ghostliness of the onlookers on the right is nothing to do with me.

And so on to today's photo, more changing . . .

Remember those towels with the elastic round the top edge so that you could wear them and get changed into your swimming suit without leaving the beach?  The ones in the photo date from the early 1930s.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not familiar with those towels, but I like the idea, and look what a beautiful photograph it produced. Speaking of beautiful, I love your new banner.


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