Sunday, 5 August 2012


The album continues with more romance and fine art with the Italian translated into Esperanto.

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  1. I wonder whatever happened to Esperanto : it has no doubt been replaced by text speak as an international language.
    To answer the question you posed about scanning negatives, for the best results you need a scanner which is particularly adapted for negative scanning (which will mean it has a dedicated light source that will shine through and illuminate the negatives). You can either get dedicated 35mm film scanners or flat bed scanners that have a capability for scanning negatives (a light source in the lid). One of the best of the latter is the Espon Perfection series. If it is just 35mm negatives and slides you are wanting to scan you can get something like the V330 (about &80 from Amazon). If it is larger format negatives then you will need the V500 (about £130). Hope this helps.


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