Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday stamps

For this week's free choice, I've chosen the Pyramids.  I'm quite partial to vintage postcards and stamps with the Pyramids on them.

This set of airmail stamps from Egypt were issued in 1941.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, check out this week's entries by clicking the icon below.

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  1. The pyramids and the plane make an interesting combination.

  2. These are especially interesting to me as my brother was in Egypt during the 1940s - probably when the stamps were issued.

    1. Oh that's interesting Bob. Do you have correspondence from him relating to that time?
      I have some airgraphs that were sent from Egypt in the early 1940s, the military over there seem to have communicated with family back home by a combination of airgraph and airmail letter.

  3. Lovely pyramids, and with an airplane too - that is a wonderful image. thanks for participating this week.

  4. a really nice set of stamps! Never been to Egypt yet...i really should...and visit these pyramids!

  5. Hi, Lisa. Your stamps reminded me of a much-coveted Cambodian stamp - that of Angkor Wat with a plane flying over it. It's not as old as your stamp but desired by lots of collectors. I like anything vintage, too.

    Postcards Crossing

  6. Definitely a winning combination, bi-plane and pyramids.

  7. What amazing stamps. I can see why you are partial to them.


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