Saturday, 13 October 2012


"Buon Onomastico"

or 'happy name day', I don't recall ever hearing of anyone celebrating their name's day.  I think it's more of a European tradition, associated more with the saints in the Catholic and Orthodox churches.  Anyway this was the next postcard in the album, sent from Italy to England in the mid 1940s.


  1. Excellent card. I'd love to have a phone like that.

  2. The only name day we celebrate is December 6th: Sint Nicolaas. Better known in Dutch as Sinterklaas, or in English: Santa Claus. We give each other presents, sing songs, and eat candy. Lots of candy (marzipan, pepernoten, butter tablets, speculoos).

  3. Rob that sounds like Christmas come early :)

  4. I have that phone! I was in a store where they had very eclectic items. One was this phone, but the numbers that are in the circle, you press them instead of putting your fingers and spinning the numbers. So it is touch tone and up to date with the times. It is a very heavy phone too.

    Great postcard!!!!

    1. Your phone sounds a great find!


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