Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday stamps

This week's theme of ships brings me back to the box of FDC's where I dug out the following:

The first cover commemorates Sir Francis Chichester's World Voyage and was issued on 24 July 1967. (Here's the wiki link). The 1/9 (1 shilling and 9d (d = pennies) in 'old money', ie. before decimalisation) was the only value issued.

The next FDC is the set of British Ships issued on 15 January 1969.  I don't know the reason (if there was one) why the lowest value, the 5d QE2, is a different design to the others in the set.

The RMS Mauretania (the 1/- value below) is the RMS Mauretania I which was launched in 1906 and retired in 1934.  At the time of her launching, she was the largest and fastest ship in the world.  In WW1 she served as a troop carrier and later as a hospital ship.  (Here's the wiki link).  I ended up looking this up as I have recently scanned an old photo album from the 1930s with some photos of RMS Mauretania but that ship only had two funnels.  The one in the photo album was RMS Mauretania II which was launched in 1938, and inherited the name from the earlier one of 1906, she was also the first ship of the newly merged Cunard White Star line (here's the wiki link).

The third cover shows the Mayflower and commemorates its sailing on 6 September 1620.  The Mayflower stamp is one value from the anniversaries set issued on 1 April 1970.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, you can visit this week's entries by clicking the icon below.

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  1. Your box of covers seems to hold some pretty beautiful things! I like the British ships issue of 1969. They are really nice!

  2. I went for Chichester today as well, However the first day cover of British Ships is fantastic. I've written several times about Brunel's SS Great Britain and shown photos of it in dry dock at Bristol. I don't have that stamp though.

  3. I would ride a ferry any day, rather than be on a small boat in the open ocean, or jammed into the Mayflower. I have visited the replica in Plymouth MA - it's rather small!
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  4. Somewhere I think I have that blue 5d stamp of the QE2 but I didn't realise it was part of that set.

  5. My favorite is the Mayflower stamp.

    Maybe the QE2 stamp was an afterthought. I think it is blue because the white ship wouldn't have shown up very well on a white background.

  6. Your FDC of the 1969 stamps is very nice.
    I think I would have enjoyed a journey on the QEII

  7. The blue 5d is an oddity, they were all designed by David Gentleman so you would have thought he would have done them all blue if the white of QE2 did not show up, strange. The Chichester FDC is a beauty.

  8. The 1620 Mayflower stamp is my favorite, especially that it has people in folk costume on it. Thanks for sharing :)


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