Thursday, 29 November 2012

"in the land of the living"

Written June 28 1910,
"Dear Miss E Johnson,
I hope you are still in the land of the living we don't hear much of you.  Annie is going out this evening and she is afraid she will be blown away.  I wonder where she would go to.
Love from A F S Cook"

The postcard is of the Edwardian actress, Miss Olga Kingston (1879 - 1932).   I didn't find much mention of her until I had a look in the old newspapers on the British Newspaper Archive, which is a real treasure trove.  An article in the Dundee Courier in 1903 told that she was on her way to Australia for a 6 months tour, starring in the comedy 'Are you a Mason?' with Mr George Giddens.  The article concluded with the line, 
"I may add that she is an expert linguist, is devoted to animals, and very keen on motoring.—Lady's Magazine.".
Some 'Otago Witness' newspaper images from 1903 can be seen here.
Olga's first name was Zoe, she was Zoe Olga M Beatty Kingston and had a sister named Marie Antoinette.  Olga married Phillip Davies in 1905 and must have travelled extensively as her daughter was born in China.

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