Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Stamps

For this week's Sunday Stamps theme of water, the stamp below was issued by Egypt in 1963 - 'The Suez Canal long distance swimming championship'

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, you can check out this week's entries by clicking on the icon below.
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  1. Now that's an event I hadn't heard of - fine stamps.

    (Mine this week are at

  2. I am not a swimmer, but I still cannot imagine that this would be a pleasant long distance swim!

  3. Great stamps!
    I think only a few people with super-swimming abilities and endurance participates in this kind of event.

    Postcards Crossing

  4. Wow that is some swim. I can't imagine they would allow this today. I hadn't realised long distance swimming was such a popular sport in Egypt.

  5. Goodness that must be a difficult swim. hadn't heard of this before. thank you for participating!

  6. I had no idea there was such a thing. Presumably they closed the canal while the competitors were swimming. It must have taken ages so I can't imagine they still do it, with ships queuing up waiting to pass along.


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