Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday stamps

For this week's theme, 'stamps with a message',  I've gone for a postal history angle, whilst the stamps themselves don't have a message as such, the message is in the slogan postmark. 
Here are some I scanned . . . (click the image to see the larger version)

The slogan on the left (below) 'advertises' the 1971 census (for overseas readers, the UK population census takes place every 10 years, in years ending with a 1)

The top slogan (below) is one from Ireland, the next one is part of the countryside code, I remember seeing tv adverts along the same lines in the 1970s.

Below the FDC for the Robert Burns 1966 commemoratives has a slogan cancellation - 'Help save your Doctor's time' - I'm not sure what you were supposed to do (or not do) to achieve this, maybe not go to the doctor at all.

Finally a couple of seasonal slogans of which there have been many, I don't think they'd be too happy if you posted cards in bundles nowadays.  We do still get slogan postmarks today, but they aren't as good as they used to be, not so varied and generally not so clearly stamped.

I'm participating in Viridan's Sunday Stamps, visit this week's entries by clicking the icon below.
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  1. Slogans did seem to more prevalent those days, aren't they fascinating pieces of history. I've never seen the countryside code cancel or indeed the don't bother your doctor one. I wonder why they can't get franking today as clear, it must be the speed.

  2. wow! i love this post! what a great collection of all sorts of postmark messages! I wish our postal service had something like this as well. these are great! Great choice for today!

  3. I love your interpretation of the theme. What a wonderful collection of postmarks!

  4. This is an interesting look at stamps. The messages seem to have been carefully placed and these days that doesn't happen so frequently. Perhaps I'd better start lokking more carefully at the few envelopes we receive.

  5. What a wonderful interpretation of today's theme. there used to be cancellations with massages in the past ("Use the correct ZIP code") but I am not sure about now. I'll look more closely at my Christmas cards.

  6. I like seeing all the different slogan cancels.

  7. My father used to collect those postmark slogans but I don't know what became of them. The "Please post cards in bundles" has me wondering why that would help.

  8. Postmarks have definitely declined in recent years. Ours don't even have the city name anymore, just the postal code of the main processing plant.
    This is an interesting collection. I have a few postcards bought mainly for the postmark, but I never thought of them for this (would have made my search much easier)

  9. Oh I love the slogans! They make the cancellation much more interesting!


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