Saturday, 12 January 2013


The next postcard in the album was sent in 1921 (I think) to Miss A E Baxter who lived on Guernsey.  Written in Esperanto, the message remains a mystery. 

If anyone would like to translate the message, please do :).


  1. No luck translating, but man do I love the color in this postcard...very dreamy! I can only imagine what the message is!

  2. There are some online Esperanto-English translators (although the results of machine translations are often dodgy). I might try it myself but I'm having some technical issues. But there are no doubt some Esperanto readers out there. Intriguing script and card.

    1. I'm hoping that Bill will pass by, who has very kindly translated some Esperanto before. I find this script very difficult to read, so I don't think I can even try with the online translations.


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