Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday stamps

For this week's theme of beginnings, I have a commemorative cover for Concorde's first commercial scheduled flight from London to Washington, 24th May 1976.  It was posted at Heathrow in the Concorde terminal.

I've posted a Concorde 1st day cover before.  The Concorde stamps were issued in 1969 (for the first flight) and were in 'old money' (ie pre decimal currency) so even if you had saved a Concorde stamp, you wouldn't have been able to use it alone on a cover like this.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, you can visit this week's entries by clicking the icon below.

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  1. The outline of concord certainly lends itself to make nice drawings. Concord always looked spectacular taking off.

  2. I considered posting those 1969 fine Concorde stamps but went fo earlier historic flights instead. I think the Royal Mail miised out by not having those Concorde stamps not being valid for first scheduled flight.

  3. Nice cover. I posted something on aviation too.

  4. A great choice. thankyou for joining in this week.

  5. Where do you find all of this cool stuff? Now this is definitely a keeper!

  6. Whenever I visited family in England, we looked forward to that noon flight of Concorde.
    Shame they didn't re-issue the stamp in the new money.

    1. When I lived in Reading, we used to hear Concorde fly over, so I know what you mean :)

  7. Really? Was it that long ago? I remember the original stamps and may even have some lurking about somewhere.

  8. The concorde - what a beginning for modern airtravel, and what an unfortunate end...


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