Saturday, 2 March 2013


"The Most Beautiful City"

The next postcard in the album is another 'stray' (different to the majority which were sent in the mid 1940s from Italy to England) and illustrates a poem by the Austrian poet, Ottokar Kernstock (wiki link).

Then on the reverse there is a 'cinderella'/propaganda stamp for the Vienna Technical College.  I haven't been able to find out the reason for the stamp or the date, but a cinderella stamp is issued for a non-postal purpose.


  1. That postage stamp itself gives a lot of history.

  2. I tried to find out which town he was writing about, but I didn't succeed. Although it did give me a change to polish up my German language skills. I'd never heard of Cinderella stamps before.

    1. It might be Vienna, with a bit more googling I found that Vienna used to have a street named after him
      Scroll down to 'Jägerstätterstraße'
      I wasn't sure if it was Salzburg that he was talking about in the poem. I don't know if Salzburg named a street after him too.

  3. Lovely painting there with almost a stained glass effect. First time I've heard of Kernstock.


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