Friday, 29 March 2013


A postcard of Rome, written on 21 July 1950. I'm sure the same view today would be much busier.   I've included the message and stamp, which has a nice Vatican City cancellation.  

The cancellation reads,
'Anno Jubilaei MCML
Pax et Bonum
Omni populo'

'Pax et bonum' was the motto of St Francis of Assisi.

translated,  'Jubilee Year 1950, Peace and Good(will) for all people'.

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  1. Actually, as I remember, this church is not in the neighborhood of the Vatican, so it was relatively quite over here. Which is strange because this church is older and in fact more important than the St. Peter's Basilica. When you'll be over there and you'd turn your back you'd see the magnificent Roman city walls.

    1. Thanks Rob, I haven't been to Rome so I'm not familiar with how close places are/are not. For the postal history, it's nice that they posted it from the Vatican City.

  2. I like how the stamp pillars harmonises with the postcard photo. Neat cancel, with its present day connection.

  3. I had never seen a Vatican stamp before. So I would have preferred to see the postmark clear of the stamp.

  4. Vatican city - that connects well to the Easter theme and the Pope's Easter wishes today.

  5. Very appropriate for today, and for the new pope, Pope Francis! Thank you for participating.

  6. A nice synchronicity with the cancellation.


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