Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday stamps

For this week's 'pink' theme, I found quite a few examples in my Egypt pre-1952 'collection' . . .

The series of pyramids, of which the 5 mil value fitted today's theme, was issued between 1888 and 1902, and used beyond that date.  The centre stamp (above) has a T.P.O. - travelling post office - cancellation, dated November 1906, it would have been cancelled on a mail train, the full cancellation would include the names of the two places it was en route from and to, but unfortunately only a partial cancellation can be seen in this example.  The O.H.H.S. overprint is for an official stamp, this particular overprint was first issued in 1907.

The 13mil King Farouk stamp was issued between 1937 - 1944.  The next one is King Fouad, issued between 1927-1937.  On 15 March 1922 Egypt was declared to be an independent kingdom, and the Sultan Ahmed Fouad was now King (more usually known as King Fouad). The third stamp is one of the 1914 set which were reissued on 10 October 1922 for the Proclamation of the Monarchy with an overprint of a crown and a text.  The overprint text reads 'The Kingdom of Egypt, 15 March 1922'.

The above stamp was issued 1 April 1925 for the International Geographical Congress which was held in Cairo.  This is the middle value of a set of three, it shows the Ancient Egyptian God Thoth writing the name of King Fouad.

The British Forces in Egypt letter stamp, value 1 piastre, was issued from June 1934.  This is probably more correctly described as a 'seal' rather than a stamp.  From 1932 to 1936 members of the British Forces and their families in Egypt could send letters home at a reduced rate. These special seals were sold in booklets and were stuck on the back of envelopes, the front having a postage prepaid handstamp.  These seals were used instead of Egyptian stamps.
My final pink stamp is not a postage stamp but a salt tax stamp, this was a fiscal/revenue stamp used by the government, and I think this dates from the 1890s.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, click on the icon below to see more pink stamps.
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  1. Thanks for dropping by my page, Lisa.

    It was a pleasure looking at these ones you posted.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  2. How interesting about the travelling post office cancel. You would have got the full cancel if it had been on that great Thoth stamp. Fascinating selection of stamps.

  3. That Geographical Congress stamp is superb, Egypt seems to have a lot of pink stamps.

  4. What an interesting story about the stamps. IT's so great what one can learn from stamps!

  5. This was definitely a very different set of pink stamps than the rest of us posted!

  6. What a lovely does of pink on this dreary gray day where I am. I note the lovely detail in all of these stamps. What a whiff of the exotic.


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